Who Buys Antiques Safes In Kansas City?

Is there a market for old safes?

Antique safes are highly collectible and rare models are worth many times their initial retail price. Generally, on a percentage basis, the more you spent in the first place the more it’s worth today. There are dozens of online safe retailers with used safes for sale.

Are old safes good?

Safes have not gotten any better over time. The downside to an old safe would be that it’s not fire lined. But as most of the safes available in the market these days are advertised as fire lined but actually does no good and perform poorly in the fire.

How much does an antique safe weigh?

Dimensions are 36″H x 28 1/2″W x 24″D. Weight is approx. 850 lbs.

What are antique safes made of?

First made in the late 1820s, workers constructed the safes from a wooden chests covered with pieces of sheet iron. They then banded, strapped and secured them with large headed cast iron nails giving it the hobnail look.

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What can you do with old safes?

Use the following ideas as inspiration and give your old safe a new life.

  • End Table. Perhaps the easiest way to repurpose an old safe is to use it as an end table.
  • Bookcase. Taller safes, such as gun safes, can double as wonderful bookcases.
  • Emergency Survival Kit.

How do you know if an antique is safe?

Mechanical Combination Safe Locks

  1. Look for identifying marks on the lock dial.
  2. Look for a safe manufacturer’s name and/or model number on the safe door.
  3. Is the safe relatively new or does it seem to be 40 or more years old?
  4. If it is 40 years old or less, a safe serial number might help — look for one.

How much is a safe worth in scrap?

Yes! Because safes are composed of such a large amount of metal, they can be sold for scrap. Scrap metal is valued by weight, at an average of 2 – 4 cents per pound, making heavier safes more valuable. Of course, you won’t get what you paid for it, but you definitely can scrap a metal safe.

Where can I sell my antique safe?

The Antique Safe Collector web site allows free “ Sell Your Safe ” ad listings that last for thirty days (with a potential thirty-day extension). Safes of 1910 vintage or older are eligible for these listings. The seller must provide a full description of the safe, several photographs, dimensions, and an asking price.

What is the highest rated fire safe?

The Best Fireproof Document Safe

  • Honeywell’s 1114 is our new pick for the best fireproof safe. It’s rated to stand up to 1,700 °F fires and 100 hours of water submersion.
  • Honeywell’s 1114 is our new pick for the best fireproof safe. It’s rated to stand up to 1,700 °F fires and 100 hours of water submersion.
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How heavy should a home safe be?

How heavy should a home safe be?

Type Weight Typical
Strong Boxes 7 – 20 Kg 11 Kg
Medium Home /Office Safes 45 – 115 Kg 80 Kg
Large Industrial/Commercial Safes 95+ Kg 160 Kg

Are antique safes fireproof?

Most antique safes were intended to be fire resistant safes — they were filled with concrete or some other material for that purpose. This is what makes the walls so thick and what makes the safes so heavy. Her house was completely destroyed by fire.

How heavy is a floor safe?

A small safe can only weigh as little as 6 pounds. A more robust one with fire retardant starts from 90 pounds and more, according to its size and capacity. An excellent safe of professional quality can weigh from 250 pounds to almost no limit.

What makes an antique safe valuable?

Old or antique safes with the best chance of selling are those still in good condition*, with paint intact and working keys and combinations. The more ornate the better. It’s hard to gauge value, however. However, some basic service by a competent safe technician can often restore smooth operation to an old safe.

What is the best safe in the world?

9 of the World’s Most Ridiculously Secure Safes and Vaults

  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault.
  • Cheyenne Mountain.
  • Iron Mountain.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • Granite Mountain.
  • Teikoku Bank, Hiroshima.
  • Bank of England Gold Vault.
  • Bahnhof and WikiLeaks in Stockholm. The US State Department probably isn’t very fond of this safe house.

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