Where To Find Consignors For My Antiques Store?

How does antique consignment work?

Consignment protects the price you want for the object – at least to start. Because the dealer works on a percentage basis (often 40-50%) it benefits them to get as good a price as they can for the item. You can arrange to take back things if they are not selling for the price you like.

How do I find an antique buyer?

It will help you get the best possible price for your item.

  1. RubyLane. RubyLane is the place to sell your antiques if you are a semi-pro antique aficionado.
  2. Tias. A very simple site that has not been updated in a long time.
  3. Auction houses.
  4. Amazon.
  5. Craigslist.
  6. Etsy.
  7. Flea markets.
  8. Antique shops.

Where can I buy vintage designers?

The Best Online Consignment Sites to Score Vintage Fashion

  • 1) Vestiaire Collective.
  • 2) Subrina Heyink Vintage.
  • 3) What Goes Around Comes Around.
  • 4) Elia Vintage.
  • 5) LXRandCo.
  • 6) Rebag.
  • 7) Jamil Thrift.
  • 8) thredUP.
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How do consignment furniture stores work?

How Do Consignment Stores Work? Think of consignment stores as an upscale pawn shop. When you bring a piece into a consignment store they will appraise your item and either accept or reject it. If they accept it they will price your item and do the hard work of selling it for you.

What is a fair consignment percentage?

Depending on the consignment shop and the item being sold, the seller may concede 25% to 60% of the sales price in consignment fees. Consignment arrangements typically are in effect for a set period of time. After this time, if a sale is not made, the goods are returned to their owner.

What consignment store pays the most?

The RealReal The RealReal pays as much as 85% of the sale price of any item sold on consignment. The company deals primarily with high end designer items, including women’s and men’s fashion and accessories, men’s sneakers, handbags, fine jewelry and watches, fine arts and home decor.

How can you tell if a antique is valuable?

Look for Marks and Signatures The first step in identifying and valuing antiques and collectibles is often determining the maker of the item by researching a mark or signature. It’s very common to find marks on costume jewelry, for instance, they’re just really small and often hidden in an obscure spot.

How do I find out if something is worth money?

Visit an online database. Look for online databases that offer pricing information for your item. Use your preferred search engine, type in your item, and then include the word database. For instance, if you search “antiques database” there are many results that list prices of collectibles.

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How do you find out what an antique is worth?

“In addition to online services and search engines, it is possible to find out how much your antiques are worth by simply asking an antique dealer or an appraiser at an auction house, for instance,” Martin says.

Where can I buy authentic second hand designer bags?

Where to Buy Secondhand Designer Bags That’ll Give You Peace of Mind

  • 1 Rebag. Christian Dior rebag.com. $3,290.00.
  • 2 1stdibs. Hermès 1stdibs.com.
  • 3 Vivrelle. Chanel vivrelle.com.
  • 4 The RealReal. Louis Vuitton therealreal.com.
  • 5 Vestiaire Collective. Chanel vestiairecollective.com.
  • 6 Fashionphile. Louis Vuitton fashionphile.com.

Which resale site is best?

Here are top online consignment shops for selling clothes online:

  • ThredUp.
  • The RealReal.
  • Poshmark.
  • Vestiaire Collective.
  • Worthy.
  • Kidizen.

Where is the best place to sell vintage clothing?

The Best Places to Sell Vintage Clothes Online

  • Poshmark.
  • ThredUp.
  • The RealReal.
  • Tradesy.
  • ASOS Marketplace.
  • Refashioner.
  • Mercari.
  • Depop.

Can you negotiate at a consignment store?

Consignment shops should be pricing their clothing between 1/4 to 1/3 of the original retail price, taking into account condition, age, popularity of brand, etc. Don’t try to haggle over the price of an item!

Is consignment a good idea?

Benefits of Consignment for a Small Business The principle benefit of consignment is that it enables small businesses to sell their goods without the expense of having their own storefront. Consignment gives small businesses the opportunity to sell their goods without having to pay rent on premises and staff.

How do you price furniture for consignment?

When thinking about pricing your item, consider its characteristics: age, condition, brand, and of course, your time of sale. We generally encourage sellers to list used furniture at about 20 – 50% of the original retail price since furniture is very much like any other depreciable asset.

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