Readers ask: Where Sell Antiques Pianos?

How much do antique pianos sell for?

Like antique books, antique pianos are not worth a lot of money just because they are old. In actuality these old instruments may be worth very little at all. Most antique, upright pianos are worth $500 or less in very good condition.

How do I sell my old piano?

Sell Your Piano Here! There are general classified pages like,

  1. Craigslist.
  2. Offer Up.
  3. Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Kiji.
  5. Ebay.

Are old pianos worth buying?

Are old pianos better than new ones? The answer is: it depends. Old pianos can continue to sound wonderful for many years with regular maintenance and care, but even pianos that have deteriorated can often be restored to their former glory, and in many cases made to sound even better than when they were new.

What is considered an antique piano?

In order for a piano to be considered antique, it needs to be closer to 100 years old, and age alone does not make it valuable.

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Is it worth restoring an old piano?

That said, the life of a piano is relative to its use, but adding 50-70 years of playability and beauty is a worthwhile investment to keep a valuable, handmade piano alive. Restored pianos hold their value longer than brand new pianos. 3. Pianos can be refinished during restoration to achieve a customized look.

Are old ivory piano keys worth anything?

Indeed, ivory is illegal to buy and sell in most places today. Since ivory is scarce, it makes sense to think that they have some value if in good condition. Sadly, this is far from the case.

What can I do with an old piano?

Check out these 15 gorgeous upcycling projects that will preserve at least part of your old piano and help you create a gorgeously musical aspect to your space!

  • Piano tool bench.
  • Piano mini bar.
  • Piano front desk.
  • Piano computer desk.
  • Standing piano head board.
  • Grand piano planter.
  • Glass covered piano key coffee table.

Are pianos hard to sell?

But, unfortunately, there are some pianos that are hard to find buyers for in the current piano marketplace. Apart from a few exceptions, most spinets, older upright pianos, and roll-style player pianos can be difficult to sell.

How do I find out how much a piano is worth?

Appraisers of used pianos and other consumer goods typically use three differentmethods to determine fair market value: comparable sales, depreciation, and idealized value minus the cost of restoration.

Should I buy a 50 year old piano?

Unlike people, pianos don’t age unless acted upon by an outside force. Occasionally, there are pianos 50 -100 years old with almost no wear or tear because they were barely played, kept in a very stable environment and kept in tune.

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How many years does a piano last?

A rule-of-thumb answer typically given is that an average piano under average conditions will last 40 to 50 years. However, even after a piano has ended its natural life for a particular purpose, it may still have a new life as a used instrument for a lesser purpose.

Can a piano be too old?

In a decade, the advanced performer’s piano will become substantially worn. So, it is safe to say that for pianos in an area of high use, wear and tear of the instrument is accelerated. I’ve also witnessed pianos that have been housed in adverse environments.

Can old pianos be restored?

The GRADE 1 PACKAGE includes a good quality cabinet repair and high quality refinishing job, all new strings and tuning pins (because a 100 year old piano will always need new strings). Most pianos in decent original condition will restore nicely with GRADE 1.

Does moving a piano put it out of tune?

The move is not what will make a piano go out of tune; it’s the new environment which will affect the instrument’s tuning. A long-term change in temperature or humidity is what will gradually make a piano go out of tune. Sometimes the piano can drop or raise in pitch and you might not even realize it.

Can an antique piano be tuned?

An heirloom piano can usually be tuned to modern concert pitch as long as it has been properly restored. In fact, many antique pianos are built so much heavier and more durable than delicate new pianos that they can often take the extra stress of the tighter strings better than new pianos!

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