Readers ask: Where Can I Go This Weekend To Find Antiques?

Where can I go to find antiques?

Antique Shops In Auckland

  • Antique Alley. 240 Dominion Road, Mount Eden.
  • Antiques Of Epsom. 463 Manukau Road, Epsom.
  • Baran de Bordeaux. 367 Parnell Road, Parnell.
  • Blikfang Art & Antique. 130 Queen Street, Northcote Point.
  • European Antiques & Furnishings. 21 Ariki Street, Grey Lynn.
  • Junk & Disorderly.
  • Just Plane Interesting.
  • Molloy’s Mega Antique Centre.

Where is the best place to antiquing?

The 14 Best Antiquing Towns in the U.S.

  • Palm Springs Vintage Market in Palm Springs, California (CA) Photo: Palm Springs Vintage Market.
  • West Palm Beach Antique Row in Palm Beach, Florida (FL) (Photo: Authentic Provence via Facebook)
  • Charleston Antiques District copyright Wynsum Antiques.

How do you go antiquing?

11 Antiquing Tips from the Pros

  1. Trust your instincts. Shopping for antiques is often about your gut reaction.
  2. Education is key.
  3. Know where to go.
  4. Don’t be tied to one time period.
  5. Look for scale and proportion.
  6. Always go for a sideboard or credenza.
  7. You need a little vision.
  8. Be prepared to overlook flaws.
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What is the Antique Capital of America?

Adamstown Pennsylvania Commonly referred to as Antiques Capital, USA, Adamstown and the surrounding area of Lancaster County is home to around 20 antique and vintage stores.

Where can I find antiques online?

  • Etsy. Yes, your favorite place to buy handmade, personalized gifts is also a treasure trove of antiques and vintage pieces.
  • eBay.
  • One Kings Lane.
  • Jayson Home.
  • Rejuvenation.
  • Chairish.
  • 1stdibs.
  • Old Plank.

Do antique shops buy items?

Vintage and antique goods can often bring you money if you’re selling the right items. After all, local antique shops buy with the hope of re-selling at a profit. For that reason, most antique shop buyers are going to try to give you a lowball offer.

What old things are worth money?

So to help you along, here are 15 old things in your house that could be worth a fortune.


Where is the biggest antique mall in the United States?

The Factory Antique Mall is the largest in America. We are an over 135,000 square feet mall all on one floor – and still growing!

How do you get antiques appraised?

Four Ways to Get a Free, Local Appraisal

  1. Attend Appraisal Day at a Local Auction House.
  2. Go to a Major Local Antique Show.
  3. Attend a Visiting Appraisal Show.
  4. Ask Antique Shops and Auction Houses.
  5. Know the Item’s History.
  6. Check Scope of Appraisal Before Going.
  7. Remember Free Appraisal Limitations.
  8. Selling Your Appraised Antique.
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Why are antique stores so expensive?

Like anything, it comes down to supply and demand. If there is ample supply of something but limited demand, it’s value will be very little. If there is limited supply but considerable demand, its value go up. Like anything, it comes down to supply and demand.

How can you tell a good vintage?

How to Tell if Something is True Vintage

  1. Look at the logo on the tag. If you don’t recognize the brand name, it might be vintage.
  2. Flip the label over to see where the garment was made.
  3. Check the fabric composition tag.
  4. Look for unique construction details and/or handmade sew jobs.
  5. Check for a metal zipper.

What’s the difference between antique and vintage?

Antique: a collectible item at least 100 years old. Vintage: A culturally significant item ranging from 20-99 years in age, worthy of being collected.

What city has the most antique shops?

Top Antiquing Towns in America

  • Hudson, New York. While some of the most prestigious antique dealers and shows are based in New York City, the walkable upstate town of Hudson is the state’s antiquing hub north of Manhattan.
  • Wiscasset, Maine.
  • Charleston, South Carolina.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Palm Springs, California.

How do you go antique shopping?

Antique Buying Guide: How to Shop for Vintage Items

  1. Make a Shopping List First. Photo via @affordablychicart.
  2. Do Your Research. Photo via @infalmouth.
  3. Explore All Options.
  4. Always Ask Questions.
  5. Steer Clear of Trendy Items.
  6. Inspect Antiques Thoroughly.
  7. Check the Authenticity.
  8. Keep an Eye Out for Fakes.

How do you become an antique dealer?

How to become an antique dealer

  1. If you have zero experience with antiques, get a job in the industry. That could be in a shop or centre as a general staff member or at an auction house as a porter, valuer or even auctioneer.
  2. During this time, build up your stock. If you’re reading this, you should have a passion for antiques already.
  3. Specialise.

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