Quick Answer: What Happened To The Tv Show Where They Restred Old Antiques Such As Coke Machines And Peddle Cars?

How much is an old Coke machine worth?

As you can see, most vintage Coke machines that have been fully restored are worth $5000-$6000.

How much does it cost to restore a vintage Coke machine?

– Bottom line: most full restoration jobs run $3300 – $3900, plus any major replacement parts that are missing. – Major body work is extra, as are major missing parts would be things like bottle stacks, drums, shelves, coin mechs. – What typically is done on a full restoration.

What is the rarest pedal car?

Striking 1935 Packard Deluxe pedal car. One of the rarest ped. Lot #5463 Striking 1935 Packard Deluxe pedal car. One of the rarest pedal cars ever produced.

How much is a Vendo 39 Coke machine worth?

The true value of a machine will vary depending on its condition and popularity. The Vendo 39 can have a value of around $5,000 to $6,000 fully restored. The Vendo 56 fully restored has a value of between $5,500 and $6,000.

What is the most expensive Coca Cola collectible?

10 Most Expensive Coca Cola Collectibles

  • 1893 Soda Fountain.
  • Untitled Coca Cola, Danh Vó Cardboard.
  • 1915 Coca Cola Contour Prototype Bottle.
  • Early Glass Globe.
  • c.1896 Cameo Paper Sign.
  • c. 1915 Globe Soda Dispenser.
  • 1897 Victorian Girl Tray.
  • c.1913 Girl on Hammock Festoon.
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How can you tell vintage pedal cars?

Vintage pedal cars were usually made of a solid sheet of steel. Some even had real windshields and bumpers, especially before 1945. In addition, the wheels are usually white washed. If your pedal car has a plastic body or seems to be put together inexpensively, it is probably a reproduction.

What’s the most expensive pedal car?

The highest priced vintage pedal car, “electralized” or otherwise, prior to the Pratte Collection auction, was this 1927 Auburn Boattail Speedster pedal car which which fetched $26,450 during RM Auctions’ sale of the Milhous Collection in 2012.

What companies made pedal cars?

Pedal cars were common in retailer catalogs with two of the largest manufacturers – American National Automobiles and Toledo & Steel Craft of Murray. Among other products, Steel Craft made GMC pedal trucks and Mack dump trucks, Model-T Roadsters, Dodges, Runabouts and a Chrysler Roadster.

How can I tell how old my Coke machine is?

Locate the serial and/or model number. Serial and model numbers on vintage Coke machines are usually located on the back of the machine, often near the manufacturer’s name. They can be printed on paper labels, metal plates, or engraved onto the machine.

How did old Coke machines work?

Early coin-operated machines operated simply by depositing a nickel, opening the door, and retrieving a Coke. No change was given. Later machines were developed to dispense nickel change for a dime. When prices rose to 10 cents, change could be given for a quarter.

How do I clean a Coke machine?

Just follow the protocol established by the equipment manufacturer, which The Coca-Cola Company endorses: wash your hands, mix the cleaning solution; remove nozzles and diffusers and soak them in the sanitizing solution; brush nozzles and diffusers and then air dry; wipe down the machine. And you’re done!

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