Question: Who Has An Antiques Show On The Highways?

Who are the experts on the Antiques Road Trip?

Series Cast

Tim Wonnacott Self – Narrator / 122 episodes, 2010-2021
Catherine Southon Self – Expert 22 episodes, 2016-2020
James Braxton Self – Expert 21 episodes, 2016-2020
Tim Medhurst Self – Expert 19 episodes, 2018-2021
Christina Trevanion Self – Expert 16 episodes, 2014-2020


Who has won the most antique road trips?

Finding a fortune! — the highest ever Antiques Road Trip profit. A rare antique camera, bought for just £60 by Antique Road Trip’s Paul Laidlaw, sold for an extraordinary £20,000, smashing all records.

Will Round Top Antique Show be Cancelled?

The Fall 2020 antiques shows (in the ENTIRE ROUND TOP AREA) have been rescheduled to Oct. 15-Nov. 1. In light of the spring show being canceled, the extra attention this fall is aimed at achieving a safe environment should the event take place.

Does Paul Laidlaw still do Antiques Road Trip?

PAUL LAIDLAW BSc Having been head-hunted by H&H Auction Rooms of Carlisle, he joined the firm in 2002, leaving in 2012 to launch this business. Since 2006 Paul has made regular appearances as an expert on BBC’s ‘Bargain Hunt’, ‘ Antiques Roadtrip ‘, ‘Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip ‘ and most recently ‘Flog it!’

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What happened to Tim Wonnacott?

Wonnacott is currently the narrator of BBC TV’s Antiques Road Trip and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

What is the most expensive item sold on flog it?

The rhino horn cup goes up for sale at auction and breaks all the Flog It! records for our highest priced item ever.

Which antique dealer died?

What happened to David Barby? The expert, who is considered one of daytime TV’s best-loved antiques experts, died at a Coventry hospital with his family at his bedside. He lived to the age of 69, with reports stating he died of a brain haemorrhage. David died on 25 July 2012.

What is the biggest profit on Antiques Road Trip?

The person who bought the camera for £20,000 was a private collector in Switzerland. Paul’s profit of £19,940 beats the previous best: a Tibetan bronze deity bought for £50 by Anita Manning, selling for £3,800 in 2016. And all profits from the series went to Children in Need.

Where should I stay for a Round Top Antique Show?

The Coyote Station Guesthouse offers a comfortable place for shoppers and vendors to stay while attending the spring and fall Round Top Antique Fair.

What do you wear to a Round Top Antique Show?

The Round Top Antiques Show is an exciting time of year…but it also takes place in Texas. Make sure you’re prepared for the weather, which can sometimes be extreme and unpredictable. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes (you’ll be walking a lot!), and bring a bag to carry water, snacks and sunscreen.

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How many people attend the Round Top Antique Show?

For about a week every spring and fall, the small Texas town of Round Top —situated right between Austin and Houston—swells from a year- round population of just 90 to somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000, depending on who you ask.

Is Tim week’s married?

Tim Weeks Wife Weeks is married to Alexa Weeks.

What is Christina Trevanion worth?

Christina Trevanion Age, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Auction, Husband

Full Name: Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion
Marital Status: Married
Professional Career: Auctioneer, Television personality
Net Worth: $700,000
Social Media: Twitter

Is Paul Laidlaw still married?

He is happily married to his longtime wife, Maureen Laidlaw. He and his wife Maureen have been married for quite some time now, and they have three children together. They have been blessed with 3 children, one daughter, and twin sons.

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