Question: How Is Antiques Road Trip Filmed?

How does the Antiques Road Trip work?

In the programme two antiques experts compete against each other. They get a budget of £200 with which to buy antiques and collectibles, that are then sold at auction. After each auction, the amount in each expert’s kitty after costs are deducted becomes their budget for the next leg.

Do they really drive in Antiques Road Trip?

The popular BBC2 series Antiques Road Trip is back for another gentle amble through the British countryside collecting antiques and driving some great classic cars. For the second year running Great Escape Classic Car Hire has provided classic cars for use in the series.

What is the record sale on Antiques Road Trip?

Antiques Road Trip camera bought for £60 sells for ‘staggering’ £20,000 breaking show records. The miniature device made the highest profit in the hugely popular BBC Two show’s history.

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Who died on Antique Road Trip?

The Antiques Road Trip team has learned of the very sad passing of David Barby, one of daytime TV’s best-loved antiques experts. David died in hospital in Coventry on Wednesday 25 July following a short illness, with his family at his bedside.

What is the most expensive item sold on flog it?

The rhino horn cup goes up for sale at auction and breaks all the Flog It! records for our highest priced item ever.

How old is James Braxton antique dealer?

How old is he? James Braxton is of is 55 years old concerning age as of 2018. He was born someday on August of 1963.

Who has won the most antique road trips?

Finding a fortune! — the highest ever Antiques Road Trip profit. A rare antique camera, bought for just £60 by Antique Road Trip’s Paul Laidlaw, sold for an extraordinary £20,000, smashing all records.

Who is Mark Stacey married to?

Quick Information

Date of Birth 1964-09-23
Marital Status Single
Divorced/ Engaged Not Yet
Boyfriend/Dating Santiago
Gay/Lesbain Yes (Gay)

What is Christina Trevanion worth?

Christina Trevanion Age, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Auction, Husband

Full Name: Christina Helen Johanne Trevanion
Marital Status: Married
Professional Career: Auctioneer, Television personality
Net Worth: $700,000
Social Media: Twitter

Is Tim week’s married?

Tim Weeks Wife Weeks is married to Alexa Weeks.

What happened to Tim Wonnacott?

The 67-year-old, who we revealed was suspended from the show following a bust-up with producers in 2015, has put the country estate on the market for £2.75 million as he plans to move to Australia alongside wife Helen.

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Who is the fat bloke on flog it?

In 2006, he founded his own publishing company, Mark Hill Publishing Ltd, specialising in producing books on new and developing areas in 20th century design.

What is the golden gavel on bargain hunt made of?

Teams achieving the difficult feat of earning a profit on all three items are awarded a ” golden gavel “; originally a wooden trophy, but latterly a lapel pin.

What was the biggest profit on Antiques Road Trip?

The person who bought the camera for £20,000 was a private collector in Switzerland. Paul’s profit of £19,940 beats the previous best: a Tibetan bronze deity bought for £50 by Anita Manning, selling for £3,800 in 2016. And all profits from the series went to Children in Need.

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