Often asked: Where Do Antiques Spawn In Alkali Burrows?

Where can I find antiques in wizard101?

Anywhere in Mirage, you’ll find them. I usually get them in Caterwaul, Rubal Wastes or Thieves Den.

Where can I farm antiquity?

Re: Antiquities: Best Place to Farm My favorite place is Yahkal Mountain. All three levels have spawns. Look behind the buildings and you should find plenty. Even though that’s one of the last places in Mirage, I think it’s worth it to have someone port you in.

What are antiquities used for wizard101?

The following Reagents can be used interchangeably in Recipes requiring the ingredient Antiquity. Reagent: Antiquity

  • Antique Chalice.
  • Antique Chest.
  • Antique Coins.
  • Antique Egg.
  • Antique TeaPot.
  • Antique Unicorn Statue.

Where is the Thieves Den in wizard101?

Just to the right of the lamp, the door to Thieves Den is hidden in the wall. Just walk through the stone confidently and you’ll end up inside.

Where do you get vines in wizard101?

Just do a run of gladiator in Mount Olympus. I’ve just been farming him for amber and I get vines almost every run. You can get them from trumpet and silver trumpet vines at elder harvest.

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Where is antiquity in harvest town?

Antiquities can be found in various places such as plowing, mining, exploring, and on spinning wheel’s in the Occult Cave. To donate an antiquity, you must be holding it and place it on one of the many long shelves in the School’s library located on the second floor. You cannot donate an antiquity more than once.

How do you SCRY for antiquities?

You can scry a lead by accessing your Antiquities Codex menu (via your Journal or zone map) and then completing the mini-game. You can only scry a lead if you are within its zone.

Do you need Greymoor for antiquities?

You will need skill lines only unlockable with Greymoor. Antiquities will only be accessible to Greymoor owners.

Where do you get perfect Citrine in Wizard101?

Wizard101 Wiki

  1. The Drains. The Catacombs. The Archives (Unicorn Way) Galvanost Tower.
  2. Karamelle> Karamelle City. Von Trap Estate. Rock Candy Mountains. Gumdrop Forest. Sweetzburg. Nibbleheim. Nibbleheim Mines. Gutenstadt. Black Licorice Forest. Candy Corn Farm. Gobblerton.

Where do you get Astral shards in Wizard101?

There is no transmute spell for astral shard. You need to get them from boss drops or from the bazaar.

How do you get the participation trophy?

A reagent bought with arena tickets. Sold by: Sir Nigel Higgenbottom (800 Arena Tickets)

How do you get back to thieves den in wizard101?

Once you’ve been to the Thieves Den once, that swirling sand is gone and you can go through to that part of Caterwaul again. Then, you just have to find the secret entrance to the Den (which looks like an indent into the canyon wall in the shape of a door, and has a lamp post next to it).

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How do I get to thieves den?

In order to unlock the Thieves Den, at least one playthrough of Persona 5 Royal must go past the 5th of May, the date where the Phantom Thieves were formed in their Wilton Hotel buffet celebration.

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