Often asked: What Are Victorian Antiques?

How can you tell if furniture was Victorian?

Of all the pieces commonly associated with the Victorian period, Chests of Drawers are without a doubt one of the most easily spotted pieces of furniture. Most chests were either Bow fronted (out swept curving front) or were simple square fronted chests with rounded corners and edges.

Is Victorian furniture valuable?

For quite some time Victorian furniture was perennially popular with decorators and collectors alike, especially accent pieces such as tables, side chairs, and decorative accessories. Even so, certain Victorian pieces by makers like John Henry Belter and Mitchell & Rammelsberg still command very good prices.

Is Victorian furniture coming back?

Antique Victorian Furniture is one of the most popular styles of antique furniture we carry. As an interior style, Victorian decor has seen a huge resurgence in the last few years among designers. This style of antique furniture is alive and well.

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How do you identify Edwardian?

How to spot an Edwardian antique

  1. Edwardian style. Rather than the heavy Victorian style, Edwardian furniture took on a modern feel, with a combination of tastes from earlier eras to create an eclectic flavour.
  2. Types of wood used during the Edwardian era.
  3. Interior design during the Edwardian period.

Is Victorian furniture antique?

Victorian furniture refers to the style of antique furniture that was made during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901). Victorian furniture pieces are valued for their opulence and elegance.

What is the difference between Victorian and Edwardian furniture?

While the Victorian era featured heavy, dark furniture, Edwardian furniture shifted to light or pastel colors and floral designs.

How can you tell if furniture is vintage?

Five Ways to Tell If Furniture Is Actually Antique

  1. Look for dovetailing. Dovetailing is a sign of quality craftsmanship in woodworking, used to hold together different parts of the same piece of furniture.
  2. Multiple types of wood is a good thing.
  3. Beware of furniture that’s made to look old.
  4. Do a thorough search for labels or stamps.
  5. Shut out symmetry.

Is there a market for Victorian furniture?

As with most antiques and collectibles, the desirability of’ Victorian furniture is cyclical. But the antiques market still leans towards the high end.

What is the most expensive antique?

1. Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase – $80.2 million. This vase is the world’s most expensive antique right now.

Is antique furniture out of style?

Antiques seem to fall in and out of fashion over time. So if you are looking for antiques, go for it! It’s a great time to buy, and they will add so much personality to your home.

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Is vintage furniture making a comeback?

Vintage, on the other hand, focuses on furniture and items that are from bygone eras. These were constructed when they were still popular and modern styles, and larger or more detailed products rarely last long enough to become vintage. Both of these are making a massive comeback in 2020, and not in just one way!

Is wood furniture making a comeback?

There are so many different interior design trends that come and go as the years pass. While natural wood has been around for a long time, this might be the year for it to make a serious comeback in both traditional and modern New York residences.

How do I know if my house is Victorian or Edwardian?

What are the main characteristics of an Edwardian property?

  1. Houses built in a straight line.
  2. Red brickwork.
  3. Porch with wooden frames.
  4. Mock-Tudor cladding and timbers at the top of the house.
  5. Wide hallway.
  6. Parquet wood floors.
  7. Wider, brighter rooms.
  8. Simple internal decorative features.

What’s the difference between Edwardian and Victorian houses?

Edwardian homes tend to be shorter than equivalent Victorian residences, partly because the middle classes who lived in these homes had less of a need for servants, unlike the Georgian the Victorian generations before them. Gone were the cellars and the second floors, but in came larger halls and spacious gardens.

How can you tell if furniture is Edwardian?

It is easy to say that Edwardian furniture pieces do not come with a unique style. The furniture looks much more like the pieces from other periods. During the Edwardian period, the favourite wood used for making furniture was mahogany but with a much lighter aesthetic.

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