Often asked: Eso Where To Find Sergeant Antiques?

Where can I find antiques in eso?

You can find your leads via your Journal, within the Antiquities Codex section. There, you can see what leads you have for antiquities within almost all of the game’s zones. How do I get leads? When you join the Antiquarians Circle, you’ll receive a bunch of leads automatically for antiquities all over Tamriel.

Do I need Greymoor for antiquities?

After you’ve kicked off the tutorial quest in Solitude, Western Skyrim, you’re given a special tool, and a few leads, which are little hints that point you towards your next antiquity. You can get them without owning Greymoor, but you need to buy the new chapter to use them.

What is the rarest item in eso?

The ” rarest ” items are the crown crates radiant apex mounts, which are difficult to price correctly, but at a drop rate of around 0.05% per crate (meaning that on average one should get one out of 2000 crates)), a cost in gold of around 66,666 g/crate (at market rates of 200g/crown), a value of 133.3 million gold.

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Can you sell mythic items eso?

Yep! You sure can. Just gotta do the whole process over again.

Do leads expire eso?

Leads expire 30 days after you obtain them. (Of course, you can always obtain them again). Leads can be found almost anywhere, from nearly any activity.

What is the fastest way to level scrying?

Place skill points each time you level. Phase 2 – Level 3-5: Same logic as the first phase; in Artaeum, use that green lead and go through the scrying and excavation process for that lead, but when you do that repeatable green lead, you’ll also get a repeatable blue lead.

Are Antiquities account wide eso?

Leads are account – wide. This means if you discover a Lead on one character, another character can scry and excavate it.

Are Leads character bound eso?

No, you can obtain “ Leads ” if you don’t have the Greymoor Chapter, you just can’t use them. Are “ Leads ” character or account bound? “ Leads ” in the Antiquities System are account bound.

What is the point of scrying eso?

What is scrying? One of the Antiquity system’s two mini-games, scrying is the process of unlocking the secrets hidden within a lead, allowing you to discover antiquities dig sites in a zone.

How do you get scrying skill line?

The Scrying skill line consists exclusively of passive abilities meant to assist in scrying for Antiquities. This skill line is gained by completing The Antiquarian Circle in Solitude. It is leveled by excavating dig sites and completing achievements related to Antiquities.

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What is Antiquities eso?

Antiquities is a new system added in the Greymoor chapter that allows you to find cool new items. Through the use of two new Skill Lines and the new Antiquarian’s Eye Tool, you’ll be able to uncover new furnishings, mythic items, new motifs, a mount, and more!

What is the strongest weapon in eso?

5 Best Elder Scrolls Weapons (& 5 That Need More Attention)

  1. 1 Underrated: The Staff Of Towers.
  2. 2 Powerful: Sanguine Rose.
  3. 3 Underrated: Wabbajack.
  4. 4 Powerful: Mace Of Molag Bal.
  5. 5 Underrated: Mehrunes’ Razor.
  6. 6 Powerful: Goldbrand.
  7. 7 Underrated: The Blade Of Woe.
  8. 8 Powerful: Staff Of Magnus.

Whats the most expensive item in eso?

  • Clock work city polymorph 10m-12 million.
  • Aetheric cipher key 2.1 million.
  • Gold buoyant armiger book 2 million probably more.
  • Vr14 blue Robust ravager neck 1.4 million more of a collectors item.
  • Transmutation Station 800k.

Where do I get the Aetheric cipher?

Aetheric Cipher is an item in the Elder Scrolls Online. These items will only appear in the following areas:

  1. Alik’r Desert.
  2. Auridon.
  3. Bal Foyen.
  4. Bangkorai.
  5. Betnikh.
  6. Bleakrock.
  7. Coldharbour.
  8. Cyrodiil.

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