FAQ: Who Played British Antiques Dealer Mystery?

What happened to Lovejoy?

According to The Bookseller, Blue Sky Pictures has acquired the rights to the original stories, written by John Grant under the pen name Jonathan Gash. And director Nick Witkowski has revealed that the new Lovejoy would be updated for modern audiences.

Why did Lady Jane leave Lovejoy?

So I left to pursue a directing and writing career. There have been rumours over the years of a return of Lovejoy.

What was Lovejoy’s job?

Career. In the United Kingdom, McShane’s best known role is antiques dealer Lovejoy in the eponymous series.

Why did Phyllis Logan leave Lovejoy in Season 5?

Close upon the heels of the Acorn Media release of ” Lovejoy, Series 4″ comes ” Lovejoy, Series 5.” And with the latter comes four major cast changes. Lady Jane ( Phyllis Logan ) finds she needs to sell Felsham Hall because her husband has gone bankrupt—and she somewhat perfunctorily leaves the series.

What was Lovejoy’s full name?

Lovejoy is a British television comedy-drama mystery series, based on the picaresque novels by John Grant under the pen name Jonathan Gash.

The main cast from the series 1 to 5 (from left), Dudley Sutton, Ian McShane, Chris Jury and Phyllis Logan.
Genre Comedy-drama, mystery
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What’s Lovejoy’s real name?

Ian McShane was a massive hit as loveable rogue Lovejoy in the original series. Lovejoy, accompanied by his sidekicks Tinker (Dudley Sutton) and Eric (Chris Jury), would hunt out antique bargains in rural Essex and Suffolk.

Did Lovejoy die on Titanic?

Spicer Lovejoy was Caledon Hockley’s personal valet and bodyguard, which made him the secondary antagonist in the film.

Spicer Lovejoy
Gender Male
Born January 27, 1856
Death April 15, 1912 (age 56)
Cause Unknown, presumably perished on Titanic, or electrified by the electricity


What does Lovejoy mean?

English: nickname from Middle English love(n), luve(n) ‘to love’ (Old English lufian) + Middle English joie ‘joy’ (Old French joie).

What is Mrs Patmore first name?

Lesley Nicol as Mrs. Beryl Patmore, the Crawley family cook.

Who is Phyllis Logan’s husband?

Personal life. Logan married actor Kevin McNally whom she met in the 1994 (in mini-series Love and Reason) and has a son, David (born in 1996), who is a musician.

What is Mrs Hughes first name?

Elsie May Carson (née Hughes; b. 1862) is the head housekeeper and she is in charge of all the female servants.

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