FAQ: When Is November Antiques Shows In Vero Beach Florida?

What is there to do in Vero Beach in November?

The top attractions to visit in Vero Beach are:

  • McKee Botanical Garden.
  • Round Island Beach Park.
  • McLarty Treasure Museum.
  • Vero Beach Museum of Art.
  • Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Is there a gun show in Vero Beach today?

The Vero Beach Gun Show by Patriot Productions will be held next on Jul 31st-Aug 1st, 2021 with additional shows on Sep 25th-26th, 2021, and Nov 6th-7th, 2021 in Vero Beach, FL.

What is there to do in Vero Beach this weekend?

Below are 15 things to do in and around Vero Beach, Florida.

  1. Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.
  2. The Vero Beach Museum of Art.
  3. The Environmental Learning Center.
  4. McKee Botanical Garden.
  5. Seagrape Trail.
  6. McLarty Treasure Museum.
  7. The Hallstrom Farmstead.
  8. The Farmers Market Oceanside.

What is there to do in Indian River County this weekend?

Attractions In Indian River County

  • Vero Beach Museum of Art.
  • Environmental Learning Center.
  • Humiston Park.
  • Deep 6 – Vero Beach Snorkeling and Skin Diving for Kids, Mermaid & Dolphin Training for Kids, & More!
  • Indian River Lagoon Recreation.
  • McLarty Treasure Museum at Sebastian Inlet State Park.
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What celebrities live in Vero Beach?

Among those who have spent time in our community are the mega-star likes of Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Jay Leno, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift.

Is Vero Beach wealthy?

Indian River County is Florida’s 6th wealthiest county and one of the top 100 wealthiest in the United States. The Treasure Coast continues to attract more retiring CEO’s of fortune 500 companies than anywhere in the world. Vero Beach is one of Florida’s best kept secrets!

Is Vero Beach a good beach?

Vero Beach is a lesser-known gem than its northern (Melbourne) and southern (Palm Beach ) counterparts. We have many beaches, with the most desirable being South Beach, about 10 minutes from Vero’s Beachside Shopping District. It’s a great place to spend the day, and it conveniently has restroom facilities as well.

Is Vero Beach a nice beach?

Beachside Bliss With its pristine beaches, untouched nature preserves, and relaxed atmosphere, it’s hard not to be your happiest in Vero Beach. With unique local dining and shopping, endless outdoor activities, and beautiful botanical surroundings, Vero Beach has something for everyone.

Does Vero Beach have a boardwalk?

Jaycee Beach has the longest boardwalk in Vero Beach and plenty of parking. The large park area has covered pavilions – perfect for a picnic, playground equipment, and two restaurants are near the boardwalk.

Does Vero Beach have a downtown?

Historic buildings, local gems and tasty bites – Downtown Vero Beach has it all! The area is chock-full of eateries, unique galleries, and events that are fun for any visitor to enjoy.

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What is Vero Beach known for?

Vero Beach, an elegant city located along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, is a haven for golf, water sports and fishing. Peaceful beaches, museums, nature tours and a range of hotels make Vero Beach a terrific vacation destination and an important part of the region known as the Treasure Coast.

What is there to do in Vero Beach tonight?

Best Things To Do in Vero Beach

  • #1. Round Island Oceanside Park and Round Island Riverside Park.
  • #2. Sebastian Inlet State Park.
  • #3. McKee Botanical Garden.
  • #4. Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.
  • #5. Vero Beach Museum of Art.
  • #6. McLarty Treasure Museum.
  • #7. Riverside Theatre.
  • South Beach Park. South Beach Park.

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