FAQ: What Bbc Game Show About Buying Antiques?

Are Thomas plant and Thomas Forrester the same person?

Thomas Plant is now Thomas Forrester, but why? Thomas Plant is a British auctioneer and TV presenter, known for his role as an expert on Bargain Hunt. He specialises in jewellery, watches and silver, and founded the Special Auction Services in 1991 with his two business partners, Neil Shuttleworth and Hugo Marsh.

Why did Thomas plant changed name to Thomas Forrester?

While the reason for his name change has yet to be confirmed, one theory is that Thomas decided to change it after marrying Jessica Forrester, who is also an antiques expert. It’s not clear whether the pair are married or even together, but Jessica also works at Special Auction Services having joining in 2017.

Is bargain hunt still being made?

Daytime antiques series Bargain Hunt will continue to be produced by BBC Studios in Wales for the next two years, the corporation has announced. Bargain Hunt’s producers successfully convinced controllers they were able to make the show after it was put out to competitive tender as part of the new Charter agreement.

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How many series of bargain hunt are there?

Bargain Hunt
No. of series 58
No. of episodes 1,800 (as of 22 January 2021)
Running time 45 mins


Why is Tim Wonnacott not on bargain hunt now?

The 67-year-old, who we revealed was suspended from the show following a bust-up with producers in 2015, has put the country estate on the market for £2.75 million as he plans to move to Australia alongside wife Helen.

Who is Jessica Forrester?

Jessica Forrester is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Maitland Ward.

What has happened to Tim Wonnacott?

TV ANTIQUES expert Tim Wonnacott has put his country home up for sale for £2.75 million. The former Bargain Hunt presenter and his wife Helen bought the mini estate near Dial Post, Horsham, seven years ago. But now he is spending more time filming in Australia and has decided it’s time to downsize.

Who is the most successful expert on bargain hunt?

The presenter is best known for her work on Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Show. Anita Manning is best known for presenting Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, where she looks for hidden treasures to sell at a profit!

Does Thomas Forrester marry Zoe?

Zoe interjects that he won’t be marrying either of them now. She seethes that it was all an act – he was praying Hope would come in here and stop the ceremony! Zoe is thankful Hope saved her from him. Thomas insists they can still be married.

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What is the most expensive item sold on flog it?

The rhino horn cup goes up for sale at auction and breaks all the Flog It! records for our highest priced item ever.

Do contestants on bargain hunt get to keep their jackets?

Can we keep the items we buy? No. They are sold at auction as part of the show.

What is the most money lost on bargain hunt?

Antique expert Philip Serrell has opened up about his biggest loss at an auction – and it sounds quite unfortunate! The Antiques Road Trip star was chatting about his time on Bargain Hunt when he revealed he lost around £150 on a wooden turkey, explaining to BBC: “That really was a turkey when it lost about £150.”

How many episodes of bargain hunt are filmed in a day?

Four episodes were filmed in total on the day, and they are likely to be screened in the New Year.

How do you win a Golden Gavel on bargain hunt?

For a while in the Wonnacott era there was a trophy (of sorts), namely a golden (oak) gavel on a stand, if the team made a profit on all their items, though that didn’t last very long. Nowadays a team which makes a profit or breaks even on all three items gets a Bargain Hunt enamelled badge (the sort with a stem).

Who is on todays bargain hunt?

Christina Trevanion is today’s host at the Shrewsbury Flea. The teams go bargain hunting in Leominster, and Christina learns about tribal art.

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