Antiques Drew Pritchard What Happened To Julian?

Why is T not in salvage hunters anymore?

His doctors confirmed that Tee had numerous deficiencies due to his improper diet, unhealthy eating habits, and of course, an unhealthy lifestyle. His thyroid problem led him to become a fat guy with lots of boundaries. His career was at risk as he was following lots of problems just because of his overweight body.

What is Tee’s real name?

Drew Pritchard, popularly known as Tee, is a famous TV show “Salvage Hunters” as an actor and has been part of the show since 2011.

Is Rebecca Pritchard remarried?

Is Rebecca Pritchard remarried? Rebecca is not remarried, she is currently living her single life. However, more information about her personal life is currently not available.

Who is Rebecca Pritchard married to now?

Facts. She Born in February 1958 and is 61 years old as of 2019. Pritchard started her career in the women’s fashion business, covering wholesale, retail, and manufacturing in the UK and Hong Kong. During that time she meets her hubby Drew, who also belongs to this platform of business.

How rich is Drew Pritchard?

Not only does he get a significant salary from being the star of ‘Salvage Hunters’, but he also earns from DP Classics and his antique shop. All these have increased Drew Pritchard’s net wealth, which is now estimated to be $8 million.

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Does Drew Pritchard still sell in Liberty’s?

Drew has previously featured at Liberty of London but is now concentrating on his Showroom in the medieval walled town of Conwy, where his space features exquisite collections for house and home lovingly selected by Drew himself and managed by his team.

Is Drew Pritchard’s dog Enzo still alive?

Is Enzo the dog dead? yes, Enzo dies. But Enzo’s death isn’t meant to leave you in a pile of tears on the floor (although it might). This dog leaves the earth on his own terms, fully believing he will be reincarnated as a human.

How tall is my name is tee?


Height 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight 50 kg
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Body Measurement No statistics available at the moment

Does Drew Pritchard have a son?

Drew was previously married to Rebecca Pritchard; the two decided to divorce one another in 2017. The Salvage Hunters (2011) star has a son who was born in 1999.

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